Shakopee Chiropractor Reviews

What Our Patients Say:

“I was fortunate to have both Dr. Andrea and Dr. Jesse as my doctors. I have several back issues including extremely tight muscles. They both knew exactly how to treat my problems and kept me healthy. I would highly recommend them both as extremely well-qualified doctors and great human beings who truly care.”

5 Star Review

-Paul L.

“In September of 2014, Dr. Andrea started to treat me for back pain and also for pain in my left knee. I had injured my knee in July of 2014 and I had a lot of pain and could barely walk. After 1 month of treatment with her, I was able to start training and return to my daily activities until the problem was corrected. I am now PAIN FREE. She also corrected my back pain and neck pain and always took her time to deliver the best care. She is everything a doctor should be; she’s professional, a good listener, always looks for the best care for the patient and always explains every treatment.”

5 Star Review

-Ricardo R.

“I am a six year cancer survivor, and after many chemotherapy treatments, I developed a lot of severe lower back pain. I was diagnosed with arthritis and neuropathy, and received cortisone shots and a lot of different pain medications, but did not get any relief. Then, I was recommended to try Sylvester Family Chiropractic, and I was treated by Dr. Andrea. In addition to her gentle and thorough adjustments, her specialized training with the Impulse IQ adjusting instrument successfully alleviated my severe muscle spasms. I am now pain free and off of all medications. I am planning on doing maintenance treatments to avoid a recurrence. I have tried many other chiropractors, and I must say this one was a Godsend to me! Thank you Dr. Andrea!”

5 Star Review

-Ellen M.

“I had the pleasure of being treated by both doctors. At the time of starting treatment, I was experiencing extreme muscles tightness in my neck and shoulder area that was causing me radiating pain and muscle spasms. The doctors were able to loosen those muscles within a few sessions and then put me on a plan that worked to keep my spine and muscles in good working condition. I would highly recommend both doctors. They provided excellent care for me.”

5 Star Review

-Cathy W.