Getting Started

Getting Started With Your Care

Welcome! When you walk through the doors of Sylvester Family Chiropractic, you will receive a warm welcome, and you can be assured that you will be working with a friendly staff that sets your wellness and comfort as top priorities. To ensure that your first visit is seamless, we ask that you fill out the New Patient Paperwork and print it out to bring with you before coming in for your first appointment. If you are unable to do so, our staff will be happy to assist you when you come in.

New Patient Paperwork:

Fill out your new patient paperwork here!

Patients Over 18

Please download and/or print the forms and bring them with you.

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Patients Under 18

Please download and/or print the forms and bring them with you.

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Your First Visit:

At Sylvester Family Chiropractic, we take the time to listen to you and understand what you hope to achieve through your visits with us. Our goal is always to get you the best results possible. During your initial appointment, your Doctor of Chiropractic will consult with you about the reason for your visit and will perform an evaluation to best determine what will be needed in your individualized care plan. Your doctor may also order diagnostic tests to better evaluate your condition. Please be sure to let us know if you have recently had x-rays or other imaging studies performed, as we may be able to use them if they correlate to the reason for your visit with us. After the initial visit, your doctor will review your case and will schedule you for your follow-up visit.

Your Follow Up Visit:

During your second visit, you will receive the doctor’s report of findings and an explanation of the results of any diagnostic tests that were performed during the initial visit. Your doctor will proceed to make recommendations for the appropriate treatment of your condition and will be happy to answer any questions you may have at that time. All costs of treatment will be discussed with you prior to beginning care.

If you have any questions prior to your first visit, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 952-977-9933. Be sure to sign up for our New Patient Special Offer HERE in order to receive your complimentary consultation. We look forward to serving you and your family this summer!