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Are you suffering from back, neck or joint related pains? Are you looking for a Shakopee chiropractor for treatment? The good news is that you are not alone. We see patients all too often that suffer from various sources of pain and injury. Many of these patients fear for their health and wellbeing. Some have tried surgical treatments or medications to alleviate pain. Others seek an alternative to surgery and prescription drugs. The good news is that an alternative does in fact exist!

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Sylvester Family Chiropractic takes a team approach to gentle and caring chiropractic treatment. Dr. Jesse Sylvester and Dr. Andrea Sylvester are two of the top chiropractors in Shakopee, MN. Dr. Jesse and Dr. Andrea partner with you to help you reach your health goals. Our patients are commonly in search of relief from pain and looking to restore mobility or functionality. We also help patients looking to increase overall health and wellness through supportive care. Our focus in on you and the results you desire. Our committed doctors care for individuals of all ages. We provide care for infants and individuals in their golden years. We help patients get natural and alternative relief every day.

The Many Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Many people testify to the powers a good chiropractor can provide. Proper care can help the skeletal system and overall health. Everyday ailments such as headaches and migraines have been linked to the musculoskeletal system. Muscle tissue and the central nervous system are interconnected to the skeletal system. Taking care of your bones, joints and spine means taking care of your overall physical health. This is why chiropractic treatment, coupled with proper exercise and good nutrition, can lead to optimal health. Please feel free to read our website and contact us to today for more answers.

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Suffering From Common Symptoms We See?

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Back Pain

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Neck Pain

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Knee Pain

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Auto Accidents

The Key To Healthy Aging

Regular care from your chiropractor, exercise and nutrition are the key to healthy aging. This is why Sylvester Family Chiropractic uses a variety of techniques to treat patients of all ages. We also offer nutritional counseling in science based nutraceuticals.

What Our Patients Say

  • "Great place to go to for all your chiropractic needs. Jesse and Andrea are very professional caring doctors that strive to give you the best treatment with new technology and techniques. "

    Adam F
    Adam F
  • "Both doctors are the best! They have a wonderful knowledge of the body and are the best in the area. Would recommend to everyone!"

    Alex L
    Alex L
  • "Very timely and professional office. The adjustment didn't require any popping or snapping so it was much more comfortable. You'll walk out feeling great!"

    David B
    David B

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